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New Report Examines Why Millennials Not Entering Trucking Industry

Trucking HR Canada has launched a new report, Millennials Have Drive 2, examining the findings from research conducted through Abacus Data, which surveyed over 2000 millennials across Canada to find out why they aren’t entering the trucking and logistics industry.

The report, which builds on the Millennials Have Drive roadmap, provides practical tips and insights on how employers can be more successful in recruiting from the millennial talent pool in an age where competition is high for qualified talent.

When looking at six industries, survey results showed that millennials gave the trucking transport industry the lowest positive impression (46 per cent “very good and good”), compared to the construction industry which got the highest positive impressions from millennials (68 per cent “very good” and “good”), making it trucking’s number one competitor in recruiting millennials.

It’s not all bad news though. The report also identified warm trucker leads, finding that 12 per cent of millennials (approximately 1.1 million Canadians aged 18 to 36) are interested in a career in long-haul trucking. One of the biggest barriers to entry for this warm-leads group was time and money. Over one-third (38 per cent) think it’s overly expensive to pursue long-haul trucker training and get licensed, steering many into other industries, like construction.

Modernizing your HR approaches with flexible work arrangements, commitment to professional development and training and strong employee communication programs are only some of the recommendations that employers will find outlined in detail in the report.

Canada’s trucking industry wants and needs millennial employees. It’s evolving and it’s innovating, offering tremendous career opportunities for millennials to do satisfying, fulfilling work in a wide range of occupations.

To download your free copy of Millennials Have Drive 2, visit Trucking HR Canada’s website at: https://truckinghr.com/millennials

This project is funded in part by the Government of Canada’s Sectoral Initiatives Program.

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