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Uber’s Self-Driving Trucks Now Hauling Freight

Uber Technologies announced that its autonomous commercial trucks are now conducting regular freight hauls in Arizona through the Uber Freight network.

Automated trucks operated by Uber’s Advanced Technologies Group are moving loads across the state in both directions on Interstate 40 and exchanging trailers with conventional trucks in multistage shipments coordinated via the Uber Freight application, reports Transport Topics.

Uber said its self-driving trucks are hauling consumer products in dry van trailers, but declined to name which shippers are using its services.

With these operations, Uber said it is beginning to build a freight system in which long-haul autonomous trucks work in tandem with short-haul drivers to move shipments more efficiently.

Uber intends to accelerate the deployment of driverless trucks by limiting them to highway operation, while continuing to rely on skilled drivers to handle the more complex driving tasks at the beginning and end of each trip.

To make that possible, Uber ATG is creating transfer hubs where self-driving and human-driven trucks will exchange their loads.

Uber believes these types of freight transfers eventually will happen across the U.S.

Full TT story here.

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