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OTA-CTA Joins TAT to Deliver Anti-Trafficking Message to Canada

Representatives from Truckers Against Trafficking made a pit stop in Mississauga this week to raise awareness on how the Canadian trucking industry can help fight the global epidemic of human trafficking.

Canadian Trucking Alliance and Ontario Trucking Association president Stephen Laskowski and staff were on hand to listen to TAT, stakeholders and police forces from the U.S. and Canada on the severity of human trafficking and how the industry can be a critical tool in identifying and combatting the problem.

TAT showcased a new ‘Freedom Drivers Project’ trailer that will help raise awareness and inspire more truckers to learn  about the issue and get involved.  The trailer carries graphic media to educate the public as well as artifacts that highlight stories of trafficking victims.

The event was headlined by Liz Williamson, a Truckers Against Trafficking training specialist, who captivated attendees with anecdotes from victims.

Ontario’s 400-Series highways have been identified by law enforcement as corridors frequently used by criminals for human trafficking.

“The trucking industry, as the eyes and ears of the highways, is well equipped to help fight this problem. I encourage everyone in the industry to educate themselves. The more drivers who are educated on this, the better chance we have of saving lives,” says Laskowski.

Learn more about this important initiative and tools on how educate drivers to identify and report human trafficking at www.truckersagainsttrafficking.org. More immediately, if you see signs or have suspicion of human trafficking activity, call Canada’s national human trafficking hotline at 833-900-1010.

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