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NTSB Issues Recommendations for On-Board Video on Commercial Vehicles

The National Transportation Safety Board recently released a report pushing the benefits of onboard video systems for commercial trucks while making recommendations to several organizations to improve the use of the systems.

NTSB’s report focused on in-cab camera systems recording driver-facing video and road-facing video either continuously or as the result of a triggering event. It looked at the benefits offered by these systems for evaluation of both driver and passenger behaviors and collision analysis.

The NTSB, which does not have any regulatory authority, but whose reports have been examined by rule makers in the past,  made the following recommendations to NHTSA:

•Incorporate into your existing crash database systems, with appropriate access controls, standardized procedures for collecting and using pertinent video recordings, injury information and crash data from video-equipped buses, consistent with privacy regulations and policies.

The recommendations to transportation-related associations are as follows:

•Encourage your members to ensure that any onboard video system in their vehicles provides visibility of the driver and of each occupant seating location, visibility forward of the vehicle, optimized frame rate and low-light recording capability.

The recommendations to the 15 manufacturers of onboard video systems are as follows:

•Develop written guidance for the initial installation and long-term maintenance of onboard video systems, and publish that guidance on your websites and in future owner’s manuals.

To read the full report, click here.

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