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National Snapshot of Food-Accommodation Locations Supporting Truckers

Since the onset of the COVID-19 Pandemic, the trucking industry, with the support of government, has answered the challenge to keep the country together.

To keep the drivers rolling, and delivering essential products and supplies Canadians desperately need, drivers need a place to park. rest and to eat – something that has been difficult as many facilities across the country have closed their doors or certain amenities because of COVID-19.

While there have been a number of closures, there has also been a groundswell of support to reopen facilities specifically for truck drivers.

“Through a combination of local grassroots efforts and to corporate buy-in from some of Canada’s largest restaurant operator, many restaurant chains and rest stop operators, both local and national, have agreed to re-offer drivers food and access restroom facilities. During a time with so much uncertainty, the efforts by these operators across this country to support the industry is immensely appreciated,” said Stephen Laskowski, CTA president.

To capture the genesis of this cross-country effort, CTA and its provincial associations and carrier members have compiled a snapshot list of locations we are aware of that have stepped up to date to provide food, accommodation and other amenities to the nation’s truck drivers.

For details complied so far, please click here: CTA-Provincial List of Trucking Facilities_public

“While not an exhaustive list, it does provide critical information and direction to resources of what has been reported to date. It’s also important to recognize the efforts of those individuals and corporations that have answered the call to support the trucking industry. It will not be forgotten,” said Laskowski.

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