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NACFE to Study Scaling Electric Truck Fleets

The North American Council for Freight Efficiency is launching a pilot project to deploy electric trucks on the scale needed to help North American trucking transition to a net-zero emissions industry, without massive investments in both public and private charging infrastructure.

The result is NACFE and the Rocky Mountain Institute’s Run on Less – Electric Depot, which will take place this fall, reports Truckinginfo.com.

The goal of RoL-E Depot, reports TI, is to focus on current electric infrastructure scaling efforts being carried out by leading North American fleets across a variety of market segments. The three-week demonstration will showcase electric trucks delivering real freight on real routes.

On April 26, NACFE Executive Director Mike Roeth introduced the eight fleets, mostly in California, the organization will be tracking.

“The following fleets are helping NACFE and its partner RMI showcase what it takes to move from one or two electric vehicles to 15 or more,” Roeth said. “The transition to electric vehicles is about much more than just the trucks themselves. It is about charging, infrastructure, grid capacity, resilience, etc. RoL-E Depot will allow NACFE to share best practices for scaling electric trucks at depots.”

The participating fleets offer a real-world spectrum of battery-electric commercial vehicles, Roeth said. “

The three-week RoL-E Depot event will start on Sept. 11 and will feature metrics and real-world stories on www.runonless.com.

“We’re really looking forward to sharing information on charging infrastructure, engagement with utilities, total cost of ownership management, truck performance, driver and technician training, charge management, and more to help the entire industry move to a cleaner freight future,” Roeth said.

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