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Freight costs down, Surcharges Rise in DEC: CGFI

Canadian shippers paid marginally less for ground transportation in December, down 0.44% compared to November, according to the Canadian General Freight Index (CGFI), reports Truck News.

The Base Rate Index, excluding accessorial charges, dropped 1.14% month over month.

Average fuel surcharges accounted for a larger share of rates.

Average fuel surcharges increased, with fuel accounting for 12.15% of base rates in December compared to 11.12% in November, CGFI says.

“Total freight costs decreased by 0.44% from last month driven by a decrease in cross-border LTL and cross-border truckload, and an increase in domestic LTL and truckload,” said Doug Payne, President and COO of Nulogx, which produces the index.

“Of particular note, accessorials increased again this month. Year over year, cross-border LTL and domestic truckload are above last year’s level. Domestic LTL and cross-border truckload are below last year’s level.”

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