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CTA E-Letter Campaign: Let’s Get ELDs on Trucks Across Canada Soon!

With the U.S. already having applied its own ELD mandate and well over 50% of trucks in Canada now ELD compliant and ready to go, Canada should do everything possible not to delay implementation and enforcement of the rule across all provinces, says the Canadian Trucking Alliance.

To encourage fast implementation of the ELD rule, CTA has launched an e-letter campaign asking carriers and operators to remind their provincial transportation ministers to ensure the mandate is implemented and enforced in all provinces at least by the fourth quarter of 2019.

Sending a letter to a transport minister is simple and takes just a few seconds. Just click here to be directed to the e-letter campaign landing page. There’s separate letters for carrier or owner operator already running ELDs and would like to see them introduced as soon as possible or a carrier as well as those who are about to make the investment to ELDs and want governments to ensure the rest of the industry complies as well. Pick the letter that fits your fleet at the bottom of the landing page, give it a read and then type in some basic information about your company and hit send.

The letter – which dispels many myths about ELDs – let’s each provincial transport minister know how expediting the end of archaic paper logbooks will reduce fatigue and distraction-related collisions and violations, improve fleet efficiencies and provide drivers a happier, safer working environment by restricting irresponsible supply chain demands to push the limits of hours of service compliance.

“The ELD mandate will be one of the most significant safety measures each province can adopt to improve road safety. To delay it could cost the lives of travelling Canadians that would have otherwise been saved with an expedited schedule,” said CTA chair Gene Orlick, of Orlick Transportation in Calgary. “As responsible carriers who are concerned about safety and competitive fairness in the trucking industry, this letter reinforces to the government the industry wants a rule in place by the fourth quarter of 2019. That should be more than enough time for government and industry to conduct all the necessary investments, education and training.”

Click here to read and send a letter.

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