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CARB Announces Public Workshop To Discuss TRU Control Concepts

The California Air Resources Board has scheduled the first of its series of public workshops to discuss its latest regulatory proposal to introduce control measure concepts for transport refrigeration units (TRUs) operating at a wide variety of facilities and properties across the state.

The workshop will take place April 13 at 10 am PST. It will be webcast at http://www.calepa.ca.gov/broadcast. Questions and comments will be accepted during the webcast by  emailing  sierrarm@calepa.ca.gov.

CARB will request suggestions on how to reduce emissions related to stationary TRU operations and request comments on the concepts presented by staff.

The basic concept of the rule would be to “reduce the amount of time that TRUs operate in a stationary mode while powered by internal combustion engines” when they are at certain California locations, such as – but “not limited to” – grocery stores, distribution centers, fleet terminals, cold storage warehouses, truck stops, port terminals, railyards, rail sidings, intermodal facilities, produce and meat packing houses, food hubs, State and county fairs, public and private rest areas, and farmers’ markets.

The proposed allowable operating time limit for TRUs would decrease over three phases:

  • Phase I: 24 hours, effective January 1, 2020
  • Phase II: 1 hour, effective January 1, 2022
  • Phase III: 5 minutes, effective January 1, 2025

Further information and the public notice for this workshop are
posted on ARB’s Cold Storage Control Measure for TRUs Website at:

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