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ATRI Seeks Carrier Input for Operational Costs Survey

The American Transportation Research Institute, of which the Canadian Trucking Alliance is a member, is seeking carrier input for the annual update to its Operational Costs of Trucking report.

An online questionnaire asks for basic cost information from for-hire motor carriers, such as driver pay, fuel costs, insurance premiums, and lease or purchase payments. Carriers are being asked to provide full-year 2016 cost per mile and/or cost per hour data.

ATRI will collect the data and combine with the previous Operational Costs of Trucking reports to present nine full years from 2008-2016 of trucking cost information derived from fleet operations. The research provides carriers with a high-level benchmarking tool and government agencies with real world data for future infrastructure improvement analyses.

“We rely on ATRI’s research to inform so much of our operations, and the Operational Costs of Trucking is no exception,” said Dennis Dellinger, president of Claremont, North Carolina-based fleet Cargo Transporters. “The annual report provides a critical benchmark for us to identify where we can improve our operating efficiency across a number of key metrics.”

For-hire carriers are encouraged to participate in the survey by Friday, June 29, 2017. The results of the survey will be available later in the year. Survey respondents will receive an advance copy of the report. The survey is available online at atri-online.org.

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