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ATA: 1 Million Immigrant Truck Drivers Needed Over Next Decade

“To keep up with demand over the next decade, trucking will need to recruit nearly one million new drivers to close the gap caused by demand for freight, projected retirements and other issues,” according to the American Trucking Associations.

Bob Costello, the Association’s chief economist recently said that “increased demand for freight, pandemic-related challenges from early retirements, closed driving schools and DMVs, and other pressures are really pushing up demand for drivers and subsequently the shortage.”

Forbes pointed out the statement  comes amid major supply chain problems across North America that delaying the delivery of goods to customers all over the country, particularly for the upcoming Christmas season needs to be done to resolve the long term problem of truck driver shortages, Costello said.

Costello projects the current shortfall of 80,000 drivers will grow to 160,000 truckers by 2030. “The industry is raising pay at five times the historic average, but this isn’t just a pay issue. We have an aging workforce, a workforce that is overwhelmingly male and finding ways to address those issues is key to narrowing the shortage,” says Costello.

“These workers should be permitted to work for compliant fleets that uphold Canadian labour and safety standards so they and their families can thrive and enjoy all the benefits of our great nation, says CTA. The Liberal Government’s policy platform is committed to a Trusted Employer system to streamline application processes for Canadian companies hiring temporary foreign workers to fill labour shortages.”

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