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APTA Opposes New Brunswick Toll/Fuel Tax Proposal

The Government of New Brunswick has issued a Strategic Program Review, which contains proposals on how to generate revenue and cut costs for the province. However, the Atlantic Provinces Trucking Association (APTA) doesn’t support all of these suggestions – a namely a proposal to raise fuel taxes and implement tolls on certain busy roadway.

“The implementation of tolls on our roads at the rate (being discussed) would be a huge blow for all citizens and to a very important industry to the provinces economy.  The same goes for an increase of 10 cents/litre on diesel tax.  New Brunswick is already the highest diesel tax in the country today at 21.5 cents/litre.”

Picard added: “I don’t understand this report because it is just a list of ideas on how to tax New Brunswickers.

“Continuing to tax New Brunswick citizens year after year is not addressing the problem and it’s not creating growth for the province; it’s just putting a band aid on the situation.”

Picard says he understands the province’s need to generate more revenue; however government should start with “major cost cutting within” and “eliminating waste” instead of continuing to increase taxes.

Such an approach is “a necessity in every business,” he adds. “It should be a necessity for the government as well.”

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