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One in Three Million: Bison Driver Honoured for Safety Milestone

Bison Transport’s Roger Maltman of Winnipeg has become the company’s first driver to complete three million consecutive accident-free miles.

Maltman has been a driver with Bison, an OTA and CTA carrier member, since September 1994 and reached the milestone on his way to Calgary last month.

“Ultimately it’s me behind the wheel, but there are a large group of people doing their jobs with expertise, which enables me to do mine at a high performance level,” Maltman said of his achievement.

Nearly 1.8 million of his safe miles are part of Bison’s long combination vehicle (LCV) network.

“Roger has been a model of consistency in our organization and achieved this milestone through his incredible dedication to safety,” said Garth Pitzel, director of safety and driver development. “He has represented Bison and the transportation industry with the utmost professionalism throughout his illustrious career.”

Maltman said that for others who wish to achieve a similar milestone, the secret of success is staying focused on the moment and being aware of your surroundings.

“You always have to concentrate on the next mile,” Maltman said. “You have to know your equipment, always be paying attention to traffic and using clues to anticipate what might happen next on the road.”

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