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MTA Names Director of Trucking Safety Program

The Manitoba Trucking Association announced Ed Pschulski is the new director of the Manitoba Trucking Safety Program.

Pschulski brings over 14 years experience as a safety professional with an additional nine years as a production supervisor.

He is a certified first aid instructor, a fire and life safety educator, on the board of directors for the Association of Safety and Health Specialists and has achieved the Canadian Registered Safety Professional designation (CRSP).

His responsibilities include guiding a trucking industry‚Äźbased safety program for employers and workers to engage in positive safety and health practices that ensure employees are safe and workplaces are productive.

The program would offer training and safety program support customized to the trucking industry, access to information and resources, and enable companies with effective safety programs to become certified and eligible for discounts on workers compensation board premiums.

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