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Feedback Required on Inter-Provincial Trade Barriers 

In recent weeks, CTA has heard from members and provincial associations from across the country about the need to address and remove inter-provincial trucking barriers that create logistical and operational issues for fleets, and other constraints/irritants that lead to unnecessary supply chain inefficiencies and delays for drivers. Polices around winter maintenance agreements or permitting regimes impacting oversize/overweight loads and operators have been mentioned recently as examples.

CTA is in the process of writing a letter to the federal Minister of Inter-Governmental Affairs that will highlight items which are low-hanging fruit or are relatively simple policy/regulatory changes that can be undertaken and addressed right away. For example, there may be jurisdictions that require flags instead of lights on oversize loads or that some jurisdictions only allow travel during full day light vs. dusk and dawn hours, or other illogical constraints.

The timeframe for providing input into this initiative is relatively short, so please send details of what you feel should be addressed to my attention at lak.shoan@cantruck.ca by no later than Friday May 5.

Once this initial letter is sent, CTA will be reaching out once again for additional information on inter-provincial trade barriers that are more detailed in nature, may require collaboration with multiple groups/jurisdictions, or where potential solutions will be longer-term in scope and duration to solve.

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