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ELDs: All Systems Go for January 2023

The Canadian Trucking Alliance and the provincial trucking associations fully support Transport Canada’s electronic logging device (ELD) mandate. All of the provincial associations in the Alliance are reporting to CTA that their respective governments are ready to enforce the ELD regulations starting January 1, 2023. 

A total of 55 ELDs from multiple vendors have been certified through Transport Canada’s third-party certification process.  The third-party certification process was necessary and will provide additional integrity to the ELD regime.

Substantial time, effort, resources, and capital have been invested into the ELD regime by governments, the Canadian Council of Motor Transport Administrators (CCMTA), ELD vendors, carriers and trade associations representing the responsible segment of the trucking industry.    January 2023 will be an important milestone and the collective efforts of all parties involved will come to fruition.  

Transport Canada has established the secure system to transfer ELD records to enforcement officials.   The certification bodies have been on-boarded into the secure process and ELD vendors have all been provided the necessary information to on-board their products.

Simultaneously, provinces and territories are in the process of on boarding the secure system and enrolling officials.

Reports indicate the system on-boarding is easy to use and no one is having any issues that will prevent enforcement of ELDs in January.  

CTA has also asked all jurisdictions to develop enforcement mechanisms that provide enforcement officials with powers to swiftly address non-compliance.  CTA understands these mechanisms are available and discussions are ongoing amongst enforcement officials on how to effectively apply them starting in January 2023.

CTA and the provincial associations look forward to January 1st and the enforcement of the ELD mandate.   The ELD file will remain an “evergreen” process and CTA will keep the membership informed as this initiative moves forward.

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