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CTV: ESDC Investigates Carrier for Driver Inc-Related Complaints

A Brampton trucking company is under investigation by the federal government after a group of former long-haul drivers claimed it’s withholding at least $115,000 in unpaid wages from them.

Canada’s Labour Program confirmed to CTV News Toronto that it’s investigating a GTA trucking company after receiving complaints made under Part III of the Canada Labour Code, which covers standard hours, wages, vacations, and holidays.

According to more than a dozen former employees, composed entirely of immigrants to Canada, CTV reports, the company owes more than $115,000 in unpaid wages.

While ESDC investigates, the workers have yet to see any money back and company is seemingly still operating, they said.

“In the meantime, the company continues to hire new workers and repeat the same cycle,” a letter by the workers letter reads. “[They] should not be allowed to continue doing this to other workers. Are [21] claims not enough to prompt serious action?”

As she fights for the group’s restitution, Executive Director at Labour Community Services of Peel Navi Aujla is also calling on the federal government to examine the barriers of the system, which she says can prioritize companies over workers.

Aujla said the process of getting the group reimbursed is far from over. If the company fails to act on its Orders to Pay, the next step for the Labour Program is to issue the Orders to Pay to the director of the company, rather than to the company itself, she said.

The group also says a lack of initial enforcement allows employers to continue cycles of not paying workers.

“The Labour Program and the Canadian government need to step up and ensure that we get paid.”

The Canadian Trucking Alliance and its provincial associations have been urging the government to crack down on carriers who abuse workers, especially new Canadians, and misclassify employee drivers to avoid paying taxes and paying the drivers benefits.

The scheme, known mainly as Driver Inc, allows companies to sidestep the Canada Labour Code and all the rights and entitlements afforded to employees. It also leaves truck drivers unprotected in the event of a workplace accident and vulnerable to unjust termination.

CTA has launched a campaign just ahead of the 2023 federal Budget to give truck drivers and trucking industry workers a voice in helping to bring an end to the practice.

Simply go to www.stopdriverinc.ca. On the right side of the homepage, select ‘I’m a Driver’ to send an auto email to your MP, the Prime Minister and other key ministers. You’ll see a draft of the email explaining the problem that is Driver Inc and the concerns many of us share; fill in some basic information, and hit ‘send.’ It takes less than two minutes to have your voice heard on this issue.

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