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CTA Advances Issue of Accounting for Electronic and Triage Inspections

After years of negotiations, the Canadian Trucking Alliance has made some important headway regarding the need for roadside enforcement to give credit for electronic and triage inspections. 

CTA has reopened discussions with CVSA Region V representatives concerning this longstanding issue. In addition, CTA requested the Canadian Council of Motor Transport Administrators (CCMTA), Standing Committee on Compliance and Regulatory Affairs (CRA) also consider this issue and is so far pleased at the receptiveness from both organizations.

CTA believes that anytime a commercial vehicle is required to enter a truck inspection station; is stopped by mobile enforcement where a cursory review of compliance is completed; or is given an electronic inspection (e.g. weigh station by-pass) that some form of inspection accreditation and record should take place. The enforcement interactions listed above are currently excluded, but should be categorized and further explored with the trucking industry.

CTA respects that it may not be reasonable to weight triage or electronic inspections the same as traditional CVSA inspections, but it is important to somehow record and credit carriers for these events.

“The outcome for reporting the status of truck safety, such as out-of-service rate, as well as accurately reflecting the scope of enforcement activities for both government and industry is important,” says CTA vice president of Operations & Safety Geoff Wood. “We believe such an initiative is the key to resolving this longstanding issue.”

CTA is hopeful the upcoming CCMTA meeting in Halifax can serve to advance discussions already taken place through CVSA Region V and that a concrete plan can be established.

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