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Atlantic Truckers Welcome Gov’t Decision Against Hwy Tolls

The New Brunswick government is to be applauded for determining “tolls are not an appropriate revenue mechanism at present for the province,” says Atlantic Provinces Trucking Association.

“They also realized that consumers can’t afford both an HST hike and highway tolls at once,” APTA said in a statement.

“We know the province is facing financial challenges, but we also know that tolls would have made the economy less efficient and would have impacted not only the transportation sector but every consumer,” said the APTA’s executive director, Jean-Marc Picard.  “Today’s decision means companies in both our sector and in all sectors in Atlantic Canada can be confident governments will listen to their advice about what works to bring more opportunity to the region.”

“At a time when it’s clear we face significant challenges in Atlantic Canada to bring economic growth to the region, we applaud the government for its clear commitment to address the province’s fiscal situation.”

Picard said “the APTA will continue to work with the government to find ways to locate other revenue sources as well as find ways to be more efficient between industry and government.”

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