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APTA: Marine Atlantic Ice-Breaking Not Adequate

The Atlantic Provinces Trucking Association says the current weather situation, including the build-up of ice in the Atlantic gulf, is “very distressing” and called on the government to do a better job of helping to maintain ferry transportation services.

 Jean-Marc Picard, executive director of the APTA, said the accumulating ice is impacting ferry service to and from Newfoundland & Labrador.

Picard added ferry provider Marine Atlantic “needs better service to break the ice to maintain their service to the commercial carriers and to Newfoundlanders . The delays are accumulating because the Federal Government is not providing adequate ice breaking service to Marine Atlantic.”

“They currently have the Edward Cornwall to break the ice but it’s not nearly adequate enough to make a difference in today’s conditions.  The other three vessels are in the Quebec region but we desperately need one of those three to assist Marine Atlantic.”

Picard said the situation will worsen if it’s not addressed, explaining that the trucking industry heavily relies on a four vessel service to and from Newfoundland & Labrador and currently only two vessels are operating – creating delays and backlogs of traffic.

“The situation will obviously get worse.  It is crucial to the people of Newfoundland & Labrador that this gets addressed immediately by the government,” he said. “Commercial carriers are essential in getting goods to  Newfoundland & Labrador and rely on Marine Atlantic service to accomplish this.”

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