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IRU: Three Dozen Countries Short 3M Truck Drivers

The truck driver shortage is a problem throughout the world. An International Road Transport Union (IRU) study identified more than 3 million unfilled driving jobs across 36 other countries – about 7% of such positions. And IRU expects the unfilled jobs to double by 2028.

As reported by Today’s Trucking, only 12% of the existing drivers are younger than 25, and just 6% are women.

The IRU findings were based on a survey of 4,700 trucking companies in the Americas, Europe and Asia, between February and April.

Trucking Human Resources Canada estimates that Canada has over 33,000 unfilled truck driving jobs.

“The consequences of such a shortage are already harming the communities, supply chains and economies that depend on our industry,” said Umberto de Pretto, IRU secretary general.

“With the rate of newcomers being significantly lower than drivers retiring every year, urgent action is needed now.”

Canada certainly relies on newcomers to fill driving roles.

Without stronger efforts to attract and retain a trucking workforce, more than 7 million jobs will be vacant worldwide in five years, IRU says.

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