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CTA Identifies Inter-Provincial Trade Barriers in Trucking

A new report by the Canadian Trucking Alliance maps out a list of cross-country interprovincial trade barriers, which the Alliance says are impeding supply chains and slowing down economic trade.

The report – which is based on comprehensive feedback from the provincial associations and CTA fleets operating in various segments across multiple provinces and moving varying types of goods – shines a spotlight on areas requiring infrastructure support.

CTA is confident the findings will feed efforts underway by Minister of Intergovernmental Affairs Dominic LeBlanc to identify, discuss and find solutions to internal trade barriers that are impacting the fluidity and efficiency of goods movement in the trucking sector.

“CTA applauds the Minister’s approach to tackle these multifaceted challenges and his willingness to take a leadership role in addressing internal trade barriers that are impacting businesses of all sizes across our country,” says CTA Chairman Greg Munden.

Some of the trade barriers identified by carriers, CTA and the provincial associations, include:

  • Aligning and improving winter road maintenance standards;
  • Increased access to rest areas for truck drivers;
  • Twinning of Highway 185 in Quebec;
  • Further LCV harmonization in Western Canada;
  • Oversize/overweight sector issues;
  • Strengthening oversight and accountability for truck safety;
  • Inconsistencies in spring weight restrictions and information available to the industry on truck routes;
  • Expanding access to cell service;
  • Increasing access to trade data

CTA is asking members and the larger industry to promote these requests to secure supply chains and the economy by sharing these social media posts and accompanying messages on their social media platforms. Click here to download and share.

Through mechanisms such as the Council of Ministers & Deputy Ministers Responsible for Transportation and Highway Safety, the Canadian Council of Motor Transport Administrators, the Task Force on Vehicle Weights and Dimensions Policy, CTA looks forward to working with the minister and our like-minded safety and operations stakeholders within government to remove the barriers identified, added Munden.

“The issues identified in this report align with several of CTA’s core policies in areas of driver safety, health and wellness; highway/technology infrastructure maintenance and expansion – as well as strengthening efforts to combat non-compliance in the industry and level the competitive playing field for responsible trucking companies.”

Access the full report here: INT-TRADE-BARRIERS-2023-ENFinal_public and FR: INT-TRADE-BARRIERS-2023-FR-Final_public

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