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CTA Submits Regulatory Modernization Comments to Treasury Board of Canada

CTA submitted comments to the Treasury Board of Canada on their second round of targeted regulatory reviews, with the aim of modernizing regulations, reducing barriers and red tape in three main areas: clean technology, digitalization and international standards.

The submission outlines the issues and the impact certain regulations have on Canadian trucking companies and some potential solutions to modernize regulations in the trucking sector. Areas of focus in the submission included an emphasis on the importance of the decarbonization of trucking by using market-tested and accepted technologies; cracking down on diesel emissions tampering and the use of glider kits and their impact on the environment and creating a level playing field for all carriers.

CTA also emphasised the need to continue to digitize paper processes that would increase efficiencies in the supply chain, particularly in the customs and cross-border trucking sector, with a focus on removing paper-based requirements allowing for the expansion of the U.S. In-transit pilot. The digitization of many customs processes would lead to the reduction of administrative burden on carriers, drivers, and operations staff.

“The government of Canada has taken a number of steps to modernize the Canadian regulatory system and reduce barriers for trucking companies, but we feel our recommendations will create an opportunity to promote continued innovation and economic growth in our sector, while leveling the playing field on a number of national issues,” says Lak Shoan, CTA’s director, Policy and Industry Awareness Programs.

CTA also resubmitted a number of additional items for reconsideration from last year’s report, including an emphasis on enforcement on Driver Inc, changes to the Temporary Foreign Worker Program, carbon pricing, and continued investment in border IT infrastructure, among a number of items.

For a copy of the submission please contact lak.shoan@cantruck.ca

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