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Women In Trucking Launches Driver Mentoring Program

Women In Trucking’s new mentorship program will attempt to match women drivers new to the industry with experienced women leaders.

Called LeadHERalliance Mentoring, WIT’s program will match women drivers new to the industry with experienced women leaders who have achieved long-term successful careers as professional drivers.

With WIT’s membership of approximately 6,000 members predominantly throughout the United States and Canada, this mentoring program will provide women drivers access to the knowledge, experience and support of seasoned drivers, according to Debbie Sparks, vice president of WIT.

“Part of the mission of WIT is to encourage the employment of women in the trucking industry and minimize obstacles they face,” Sparks said in a press release. “We believe the connections and mentoring created through this support system will make a significant difference in the lives of entry-level drivers. Our goal is to decrease the percentage of drivers who leave our industry within their first 12 months. This program will give the new women driver much-needed support as they navigate this complex industry.”

LeadHERtrucking will provide a structured 10-month mentorship program, with organized monthly virtual meetings between a mentee and her mentor, as well as offering a curated list of topics relevant to these women, presented each month by women who are industry experts.

Sessions will focus on mental health and well-being, leadership, resilience, financial independence, as well as addressing specific and unique challenges of being a women on the road, according to Cynthia O’Neill, founder of LeadHERalliance Mentoring.

At the completion of the program, each woman becomes a lifetime member of the LeadHERnetwork, with access to hundreds of women around the global with whom they can reach out for continued support and guidance.

“Providing a female mentor to be a role model and a support for new female drivers will boost their resilience, confidence, and courage to break into and succeed in a role that hasn’t always been welcoming to women,” O’Neill said. “Women are making a significant positive difference in the trucking industry every day.”

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