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US Trucking Group Pushing for State ELD Mandates

The Alliance for Driver Safety & Security, also known as the Trucking Alliance, is calling for all state legislatures to require electronic logging devices in commercial trucks that only operate within their state (intrastate).

Lane Kidd, managing director of the coalition of transportation companies that lobbies to reduce large truck accidents, injuries, and fatalities, told HDT the new policy statement was drafted because “to our knowledge, there are no states that require ELDs in commercial trucks that operate in intrastate commerce. We’re hopeful that state trucking associations will start the movement.”

In a July 20 statement, Kidd said that, “Since Congress required electronic logging devices in all interstate commercial trucks to monitor the hours that truck drivers spend behind the wheel, violations are down dramatically. Truck drivers no longer have paper log books to manipulate and falsify.

“State legislatures should consider doing what Congress has done, and require all large trucks to install these devices to make sure drivers are obeying the law,” he added. “Electronic logging devices should be as common in large trucks as seat belts are.”

The policy statement is actually two-fold: Firstly, the Alliance is “encouraging” the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration to expand its statutory authority and require ELDs in all interstate commercial trucks, “as Congress directed and regardless of the commodity or length of haul.” Secondly, the Alliance is “urging” state legislatures to require ELDs in all commercial trucks that operate exclusively within their state and are engaged in intrastate commerce.

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