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Trucking Industry Responds to NB Flooding: Join the Cause

Residents across New Brunswick are affected by severe spring flooding as water levels reach historic levels. A sudden spike in temperature caused a rapid snow melt, which, combined with significant rainfall in the region, has led to intense flooding.

Public Safety officials in New Brunswick say it will take days before water in most of the river’s lower basin begins to recede. To date, more than 1,050 people have registered with the Red Cross to say they have evacuated their homes.

The Canadian Trucking Alliance, the Atlantic Provinces Trucking Association, and Trucks for Change Network are working with our partners at Canadian Red Cross to coordinate logistics services through CTA and APTA member carriers in Atlantic Canada. Carriers who would like to transport emergency relief supplies or donate equipment to help affected families should contact T4C’s Pete Dalmazzi at pete@trucksforchange.org.

In addition, an exclusive trucking industry web donation portal has been established by Canadian Red Cross – click here (EN) and here (FR) – for trucking companies and employees wishing to make a tax deductible financial donation. All donations made through this portal will be directed to the Red Cross New Brunswick Floods Appeal.

“As was the case during the wildfires in BC and Fort McMurray in past years, the trucking industry is once again showing its leadership and community spirit to help Canadians in need,” said CTA Chairman Scott Smith. “We encourage CTA carriers and the provincial trucking associations to do what they can to help.”

Added APTA Chairman Dave Miller: “Our carriers have responded overwhelmingly with offers of transport services and volunteers. Our industry stands ready to do what it takes to assist New Brunswick families and communities affected by this unfortunate event.”

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