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Trucking HR Report: Industry Has Challenges in Attracting Millennials

Trucking HR Canada has launched its new Millennials Have Drive – A Roadmap for Canada’s Trucking Employers to Recruit and Retain Millennials, to support the industry in its efforts to better attract and retain Millennial employees.

Through extensive research and surveys focused on Millennials currently in the industry as well as employees from other generations and employers, Trucking HR Canada identified some of the main challenges and opportunities that the industry faces in recruiting and retaining Millennials.

The Roadmap provides employers with practical insights on how to address those in an age where competition is high for qualified talent.

While Millennials are the largest cohort in Canada’s workforce (37%), they are largely underrepresented in the trucking industry. In fact, less than 15% of today’s truck drivers are under the age of 35. And, based on Trucking HR Canada’s research, only 50% of employers have a plan in place to attract them to their companies.

“With the industry’s growing labour needs, Canada’s trucking employers need to be prepared to welcome this generation into the workplace,” says Isabelle Hétu, Director of Programs and Services at Trucking HR Canada. “And, some employers across the country are leading the way in this race for talent and reaping the benefits. In fact, 77% of the 2017 Top Fleet Employers have 20% or more of their drivers under the age of 35 with overall turnover rates below 22%.”

A commitment to professional development and training, flexible work opportunities and career advancement are only some of the recommendations that employers will find in the Roadmap.

Canada’s trucking industry wants and needs Millennial employees. And, as employers will discover in reading the Roadmap, most Millennials in the industry aspire to the same goals as other generations before them. No matter their skill set, the industry offers Millennials the opportunity for satisfying and rewarding careers in a wide range of occupations.

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