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Trucking HR Canada Releases 2021 Innovative HR Practices Report

Trucking HR Canada today released its 2021 Innovative Practices report, providing relevant and practical insights for trucking and logistics employers looking to make improvements in their HR approaches.

The report draws from the 2021 Top Fleet Employer Program’s 77 fleets – highlighting how fleets in the program are raising the bar in several HR areas. The report explores the following themes: Organizational Flexibility and Agility, Technological Transformation, Holistic Employee Wellness, Workplace Diversity and Inclusion, Employee Engagement, and Considerate Leadership. Statistics, insights, the latest trends, and more are profiled.

The 2021 Achievement of Excellence awardees are also highlighted, including: Workplace Culture, Workplace Diversity, HR Innovator, Employee Engagement, Training and Skills Development, Workplace Mental Health, Women in the Workplace; and, this year’s new Achievement of Excellence for HR Leadership.

“Improving the image of our industry starts with better HR approaches”, says Angela Splinter, CEO Trucking HR Canada. “This report demonstrates how Top Fleet Employers are raising the bar with innovative HR best practices that we can all learn from.” said Angela Splinter, CEO, Trucking HR Canada.

Trucking HR Canada will also be launching five new HR resources this Fall, providing more practical and relevant support to employers in improving HR approaches.

Applications for the 2022 Top Fleet Employers Program are now open. If you think your fleet has what it takes to be a Top Fleet Employer, you can apply today.  Click here to learn more

Click HERE to download the Innovating Our HR Practices Report

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