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Transport Canada Issues Employment Confirmation Letter for Essential Transportation Workers

In an effort to continue support for the unimpeded streamlined movement of goods across Canada by truck, Transport Canada has issued a letter that identifies trucking companies’ workers as essential and signals to authorities their ability to move freely.

CTA first asked the Government of Canada to move forward with this concept as roadside checkpoints for COVID-19 awareness began surfacing throughout Canada.

Co-signed by Transport Canada’s Director General for Multi-Modal and Road Safety Programs and the CTA president, this document complements internal documentation already issued by many carriers to their workers demonstrating the individual is employed in essential services within the transportation industry.

The checkpoints are not impacting trucking operations today because the sector is deemed an essential service; however some jurisdictions have more restrictive measures in place for non-essential travel and CTA believes it’s important for transportation workers to be able to easily identify themselves quickly, if needed, and continue on their way, specifically if they are travelling to and from work in a non-commercial vehicle.

“We are extremely pleased with the accelerated turnaround on this effort and Transport Canada’s appreciation of the trucking industry’s unique requirements during these difficult times,” said Stephen Laskowski, CTA president.

For a copy of the letter, which can be personalized by company officials and the employee, and filled in with company contact information, can be downloaded here: (EN) or (FR)

“The ability for truck drivers and other essential workers that support the trucking industry to be able to move seamlessly as part of their regular work duties, or between work and home is critical. This letter is a key piece in allowing that uninterrupted movement of the supply chain,” says Laskowski.

Carriers that have not developed their own documentation, to be combined with the Transport Canada letter, are free to download CTA’s example provided here.

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