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Transport Canada introduces new Client Identification Database

Transport Canada is introducing a new registration database called Client Identification Database (CID) for select persons or organizations involved in importing, offering for transport, handling, or transporting Dangerous Goods (known as DG activities).

CID, if applicable to an operation will allow persons or organizations to register and will collect information about their DG activities. It will be used by Transport Canada to better assess risk, enhance overall safety measures, and facilitate effective communication and collaboration between Transport Canada and registered persons or organizations.

Transport Canada has provided a host of resources to assist organizations in determining whether registration is required.  Carriers are strongly encouraged to click here for complete details and to determine if registration is required of their operations. If registration is required, registrations need to be completed by October 6, 2024.

CTA will be working with Transport Canada on additional outreach efforts for the membership over the course of the fall and winter.

Full details of the Gazette II posting (Site Registration Requirements) can be found here.

CTA members with questions can email tdgfeedback@cantruck.ca

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