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THRC: Labour Market Snapshot of Truck Driver Employment in Canada

Trucking HR Canada released today a labour market information update, providing a current snapshot of truck driver employment in Canada.

Trucking HR Canada’s labour market information initiative provides the most comprehensive data and analysis available and is produced specifically for the trucking and logistics industry.

“Using data collected through public available sources, including Statistics Canada’s census and other labour force surveys, coupled with primary data collected through employer surveys, our LMI is designed to assist employers and other stakeholders in making evidence-based labour market decisions.” says Craig Faucette, Director of policy and programs at Trucking HR Canada.

Today’s  labour market snapshot includes Trucking HR Canada’s analysis of the most recent Labour Force Survey data (August 2020) obtained through our customized data requests, to provide our industry with up-to-date, relevant, and reliable labour market information specific to our sector and it’s key occupations including truck driver employment specifically.

Overall, employment of truck drivers has surged in July and August, after declining over the first two quarters of 2020.  Further, unemployment among truck drivers improved significantly when compared to the rest of Canada’s workforce.  Recent labour market information predicted an increase in employment pending the gradual opening of the economy.  The upward trend we are seeing is even higher than predicted, signalling that our return to acute labour shortages could be here sooner than we think.

To read the snapshot, click here.

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