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Survey: Different Reasons Why Women and Men Leave Trucking Jobs

A survey has found that their dissatisfaction with tractors and the type of equipment is the top reasons women drivers leave a motor carrier, according to Stay Metrics.

The annual driver survey included responses from 12,502 drivers from 78 different carriers, of whom 1,122 were women.

“We consistently find that women drivers expect to be paid the same, to have equal opportunities, and to be treated with the same level of respect for doing the same job as male drivers,” said Tim Hindes, chief executive officer of Stay Metrics. “This research offers new insights into the relationship between women’s experiences and their propensity to leave a carrier.”

Dissatisfaction with the tractor topped the list for women drivers. Maintenance department and maintenance frequency were also important concerns, suggesting women place a high value on working equipment and avoiding breakdowns.

The top 15 predictors of turnover for women drivers were found to be:

  1. Dissatisfaction with tractor
  2. Dissatisfaction with compensation for deadhead miles
  3. Dissatisfaction with hours worked
  4. Inadequately preparation during orientation for driving at this carrier
  5. Lack of respect at carrier’s facilities
  6. Dissatisfaction with Maintenance Department
  7. My work experiences match the expectations I had when I signed up for this job
  8. Dissatisfaction with frequency of maintenance done on equipment
  9. Dissatisfaction with dispatcher
  10. Dissatisfaction with pay
  11. Not getting enough miles
  12. Dissatisfaction with the respect my carrier shows me
  13. Work is not steady enough
  14. Desire to switch my dispatcher

Male drivers showed some correlation of predictors with women. Deadhead miles, the frequency of maintenance, dispatcher dissatisfaction, and desire to switch a dispatcher also appeared in men’s top predictors. However, dispatcher issues proved to be less of a concern for women as it only appeared in two of the top 15 issues while it was related to seven turnover predictors for men.

“The list shows the overall reasons why women drivers will choose to leave or stay with their carriers, but we all know that not all carriers are alike,” said Dr. Timothy Judge, Stay Metrics’ director of research. “When applied to individual carrier data, our predictive models deliver important insights on the controllable causes of turnover that are specific to each company.”

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