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Star: Rollovers Point to Need for Mandatory Truck Stability Systems

A second truck rollover in as many weeks on the new Herb Gray Parkway roundabout, illustrates why anti-rollover technology should be standard for manufacturers of heavy transport trucks, according to a Windsor Star article.

Interviewed by the Star, OTA president David Bradley said government should require all new tractor-trailers be equipped with electronic stability control at the manufacturing level.

“We see it as a meaningful measure to help ensure rollovers — whether on roundabouts or other streets and highways — don’t happen,” Bradley said.

He explained the large majority of traffic incidents involving trucks on roundabouts are due to driver error — whether it’s the trucker travelling too fast or other drivers being reckless or cutting them off.

Bradley pointed out that OTA developed a blueprint for municipalities on how roundabouts should be designed to safely accommodate all types of large tractor-trailer combinations.

“We give guidance to municipalities on geometrics of roundabouts. It’s a tool they can use when they design them. We are not opposed to (roundabouts), but we do want to make sure they can handle trucks.”

Download: OTA Discussion Paper – Accommodating Commercial Vehicles in Roundabouts_public

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