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Saskatchewan Reiterates Calls for ELDs in Province 

The Saskatchewan Trucking Association (STA) strengthened calls to mandate electronic logging devices (ELDs) for provincially regulated carriers.

The association released a statement in response to media reports  that Saskatchewan regulators appear to be considering allowing truck drivers to continue using paper logbooks within provincial borders.

The 12-month countdown towards full, third-party electronic logging device (ELD) enforcement rule all federally regulated trucking companies began on June 12, 2021. After a year, the educational enforcement period will end and give way to full enforcement .

“Saskatchewan’s culture of road safety has never been more important,” STA says in a press release. “Ensuring carriers are adopting new safety measures and are subject to a level playing field is crucial to promoting the highest level of safety in Saskatchewan.”

The devices increase compliance with Hours of Service, keep drivers focused on responsibilities other than paperwork, ensure drivers are accountable for breaks, save time and reduce violations, and are “tamper-proof”, the association notes.

“The time is now for Saskatchewan to commit to having the safest roads in Canada,” the STA says in its bulletin.

“This cannot be done without adopting new safety measures. By implementing the federal commercial vehicle drivers Hours-of-Service Regulations, all carriers operating in Saskatchewan will be on a level playing field and will be subject to only one set of Hours-of-Service regulations, reducing any confusion.”

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