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Report: New Trucking Trends Leading to More Regional Hauls

The rise in e-commerce and electrification could lead to growth in regional hauling activities, according to the latest report from the North American Council for Freight Efficiency (NACFE).

As reported by Truck News, Growth in e-commerce and a push toward immediate deliveries are being observed along with innovations in load matching systems, GPS-based asset tracking systems, and data mining capabilities, concludes the More Regional Haul: An Opportunity for Trucking report. Regional operations are also supported by equipment options including electric and hybrid vehicles, long-combination vehicles, and specialty equipment.

“If you ask most people to define trucking words like ‘over the road’ and ‘long haul’ are likely to be part of the description. But the reality is that 45% of the Class 8 tractors produced today are day cabs, and a high percentage of those trucks are involved in regional haul operations,” says Rick Mihelic, NACFE’s director of future technologies and study team manager.

Even the ever-present demand for new truck drivers has a role to play in a growing interest in regional hauls.

“Regional operations means drivers are more likely to get home on a regular basis and that could help the industry with its the driver recruitment and retention problem,” explains executive director Mike Roeth. “Regional operations are also fertile ground for alternate fueled vehicles because, by their very nature, they make it easier for fueling infrastructure for vehicles that use an energy source other than gasoline or diesel fuel to be installed.”

“If we can improve the coordination of regional haul and make it more of a choreographed stage performance rather than a pickup basketball game, we can capture even more benefits,” the report adds. “The question is, how can we as an industry hasten this movement to better take advantage of its opportunities for drivers and electrification?”

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