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Premier Wynne Responds to CTA NAFTA Submission

The office of Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne has responded to OTA regarding CTA’s submission on the modernization of NAFTA submitted to Global Affairs Canada.

In the letter, the Premier’s office welcomed the opportunity to hear CTA’s view on NAFTA, stating it was important that trade keeps pace with the way business is being conducted. The letter also stated that the government was committed to defending Ontario’s interests and strengthening business relationships with the U.S. in a new agreement.

The letter also highlighted that Ontario would be taking a proactive approach and working closely with their counterparts in the federal and provincial governments to ensure Ontario’s trade interests were front and centre in trade discussions.

The third round of NAFTA negotiations is set to take place in Ottawa from September 23-27.

To receive a copy of CTA’s NAFTA submission, please contact lak.shoan@ontruck.org

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