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Panel: Shippers Taking Note of Carrier ELD Conversions

Shippers are keeping a close eye on how carriers plan on integrating electronic logging devices (ELDs) into their operations ahead of a North American mandate that would require the duty record keeping technology on all trucks.

Representatives of Walmart, Owens Corning and Armada Supply Chain Solutions spoke about carrier relationships at a panel on supply chain efficiencies at the Truckload Carriers Association annual meeting in Las Vegas, reports CCJ magazine. Their main message was directed to carriers who are still reluctant to begin integrating ELDs. Specifically, they are taking note of carriers who are unable to demonstrate progress toward conversion from paper logs to ELDs.

The panelists acknowledged there is an “awkward conversion period” for some fleets and owner-ops who have relied too long on paper logs, but those issued need to “be worked through.”

Armada says it has asked for ELD plans from its carrier partners, and it has dropped some who are not making strides in that area. “Not having a plan isn’t acceptable to us,” said Paul Newbourne .

Among carriers serving Owens Corning, “only 38 percent are 100 percent adopted” with ELDs,  said Amy Mielke, senior supply chain sourcing leader, so the company expects close communications to ensure the transitions occur in a timely fashion.

Much of Walmart’s freight is hauled by large carriers who have “legacy electronic onboard recorders” and therefore are allowed a few more years under the mandate to adopt the newer technology of ELDs, said Ken Braunbach, vice president of transportation for eCommerce.

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