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Ottawa Provides Updated ArriveCAN Materials Ahead of Jan 15 Border Vaccination Mandate  

The Canadian Trucking Alliance (CTA) continues to work with the Government of Canada to ensure that the trucking industry is aware of the upcoming border vaccination policy, and the mandatory requirement for all Canadian and US truck drivers to present their proof of vaccination for entry into Canada through ArriveCAN beginning January 15, 2022.

Earlier this week, CTA released a statement reiterating the impact this mandate could have on the supply chain, which also included additional materials from the Government of Canada regarding the use of ArriveCAN to store and present proof of vaccination. These materials include walkthroughs of how to use the platform via a mobile device or desktop computer. Click here to access the materials offered in both official languages.

As the mandate approaches, border and public health officials continue to emphasize to truck drivers that they are required to submit their information through the electronic platform to avoid delays at the border and potential penalties.

Drivers who are using a reusable receipt must download the latest version of ArriveCAN or sign into the web version after November 30 to resubmit their information and get a new receipt that can be used for future trips.

ArriveCAN now includes a new “Saved Traveller Profile” feature, which was developed to assist all travellers – including essential workers like truck drivers – meet the requirement to submit their information into ArriveCAN. Truck drivers can voluntarily create a traveller profile so they are not required to enter the information every time they enter Canada.

To take advantage of these changes, the latest version of ArriveCAN must be downloaded through the AppStore or Google Play to upload your vaccination information. Submissions can also be done through the online web platform.

As it stands, and until clarified by the Government of Canada, carriers that dispatch unvaccinated drivers prior to January 15 that do not arrive back in Canada before the mandate comes into effect, could be subject to potential quarantine and/or other public health measures upon re-entry. CTA continues to work with the Government to clarify this scenario as soon as possible.

CTA is actively working with the Canada Border Services Agency, Transport Canada, and the Public Health Agency of Canada on how the border vaccination mandate will be enforced, including clarification on border crossing scenarios that could impact a driver’s admissibility once the mandate comes into effect.

CTA will distribute this information to members once further clarification is received.

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