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NACFE: ‘Messy Middle’ Ahead for e-Truck Market Growth  

In the long run, electric powertrains will dominate the marketplace, but as the transition occurs, some technologies will bridge the present and the future, according to the fourth Guidance Report on Electric Trucks released by the North American Council for Freight Efficiency (NACFE)

This period, dubbed by NACFE as the ‘messy middle,’” will enable a quicker electric future, while others might actually delay it, reports Truck News.

For instance, the diesel-electric hybrid powertrain could accelerate full electrification while expanded use of natural gas might slow down the market for electric.

NACFE anticipates moving freight with electric or hydrogen fuel cell trucks in a zero-emission mode – powered well-to-wheel from truly renewable sources, such as hydro, solar and wind – is probable in the next couple of decades.

In other findings, the report said:

  • North American freight movement is becoming more predictable, with dedicated routes enabled by e-commerce and other technologies, offering better duty cycles for alternative powertrains.
  • Each alternative fuel powertrain offers benefits in the short term compared to current diesel, and may have enough duty-cycle scale to offer total cost of ownership and emissions savings.
  • Commercial battery electric vehicles (CBEVs) and fuel cell trucks will be capable of lower total cost of ownership in the 2030 time frame.
  • Vehicle specifications will be better optimized for the duty cycle and technology of the first user, limiting the applicability of the equipment for second or third users.

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