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Farmers Make Hay From Alberta Trucker’s Goodwill

Hope for several Edmonton farmers arrived this week in the form of a turquoise Kenworth piloted by Canadian Trucking Alliance board member Carl Rosenau, president of  Rosenau Transport.

Rosenau was busy this week hauling flatbeds full of donated hay to Edmonton-area farmers suffering from drought conditions. For many western farmers, this has been one of the hardest summers in 50 years, marked by weeks of drought that have decimated hay crops and left farmers struggling to feed their livestock.

The sight of Rosenau’s flatbed rolling toward her farm brought tears to the eyes of sheep farmer Carla Rhyant, whose animals had been feeding on weeds after her 30 acres had seen just 2 cm of rain all summer.

The going price for hay as a result of the drought is up to five times the normal price.

“I just seen what the news says… And we knew they needed a hand, so we stepped up to the plate,” Rosenau told local CTV News.

The hay itself was donated by Manitoba farmer Jurgen Kohler who has donated 100 bales to several farmers in Alberta.

Watch the full CTV news report below:



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