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EDITORIAL: Add Your Voice to Help CTA Pursue Full 2024 Agenda

By: Greg Munden, CTA chair 

It may be an inside baseball cliché to many of us in the industry, but I never tire of reminding people who I know that: “If you got it, it came by truck”.

But what does that mean, exactly? Well, on the surface, it means that whether it’s the first mile from the manufacturer, the last mile to the store or to a customer’s house – or any stop in between – a truck and professional truck driver has touched that item along its way.

However, in the background, the security and certainty we as Canadians expect when it comes to our everyday needs is made possible because of the sophistication and reliability of our modern supply chain. That doesn’t happen by accident. It takes constant effort by industry leaders acting in good faith, working with stakeholders and decision makers who truly have the best interests of Canadians and the economy in mind.

Along the way, there are always challenges that sometimes make this difficult to achieve, from unforeseen market forces, economic disruption and unconstructive – perhaps even nefarious – actors in both industry and government, who for whatever reason, choose to stand in the way of progress.

And yet, our industry continues to get stronger because, for the most part, there are those of us who believe in more than profit and want to see a trucking industry that continues to support the fabric of society for generations to come.

CTA staff and officers will be regularly featured in Trucknews.com’s Opinion section throughout 2024. Click here to read the full column.

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