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CTA, Teamsters Urge Labour Ministers to Protect Truck Drivers, Shut Down Driver Inc

The Canadian Trucking Alliance (CTA) and Teamsters Canada recently wrote to the Forum of Labour Market Ministers, asking them to jointly develop a plan to crack down on the misclassification scheme know as Driver Inc.

CTA and the Teamsters have been sounding the alarm for many years on chronic labour abuses and many other violations by Driver Inc. companies. Their latest effort is to urge each provincial minister of labour to follow in the steps of Federal Minister of Labour Seamus O’Regan in proclaiming opposition to Driver Inc. and announcing intentions to combat the scheme used by unscrupulous companies involved in the underground economy.

CTA and the Teamsters have put together a national enforcement plan which involves both provincial and federal elements.

“Some provinces have already taken steps to combat this issue, for example, through their provincial workers’ compensation boards, but more can be done,” the letter states.

CTA and Teamsters Canada said they want to see greater collaboration and information sharing between Ottawa, through EDSC and CRA, and provincial entities, such as provincial WCBs, labour and transportation ministries.

“At a minimum, when one level of government finds gross noncompliance related to Driver Inc., this information should be automatically shared with all other levels of government for possible follow up enforcement action.”

In urging the ministers to prioritize enforcement against Driver Inc., CTA and Teamsters Canada reminded officials how the scheme represents one of the largest abuses of labour currently taking place in Canada.

“It preys on truck drivers – and new Canadians in particular – while robbing government coffers of revenue. It is also having a devastating impact on the competitive landscape in one of Canada’s most critical sectors.”

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