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CTA Statement: CBSA Labour Disruption

The Public Service Alliance of Canada, which represents Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) workers, served a strike notice to the government last week, indicating it is prepared to begin job action if a contract isn’t reached by 6 am (EST) on Friday August 6.

If a contract is not reached by 6 am tomorrow, the union said its members will begin a series of job actions at Canadian airports, land borders, commercial shipping ports, and headquarters locations.

The border will be open and remain so even if job action occurs. The types of job actions and work disruptions are expected to lead to border delays for all travellers, including commercial truck drivers returning to Canada.

CBSA officials have stated they will be doing their best to keep the border functioning during the labour disruption.

The Canadian Trucking Alliance (CTA) and its membership have a productive and cooperative working relationship with CBSA management and its front-line officers and operations teams at our borders. CBSA plays a key role in facilitating trade and keeping our border safe and the partnerships with the trucking industry are valued and essential.

A properly functioning border is key to the North American supply chain as well as the day-to day working lives of the professional women and men who drive truck and support cross-border trade and future investment in the Canadian economy.

Carriers are asked to keep CTA posted at operations_safety@cantruck.ca if drivers/operations experience severe delays at a border crossing.

CTA hopes that both parties can resolve this matter as soon as possible to ensure our member fleets and the industry at-large can continue to service their customers across North America and that lives of professional truck drivers, who are the backbone of the Canadian economy, are not disrupted.

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