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CTA Releases 10-point Action Plan to Address National Truck Safety and Compliance

The Canadian Trucking Alliance (CTA) believes the actions of the individual driver charged for the Humboldt tragedy should not be treated in isolation. Instead, when the findings of the carrier audit are released, the trucking industry, governments and safety stakeholders across Canada should use the facts surrounding the events of April 6 as a catalyst to finally deal with a small segment of the trucking industry that chooses not to adhere to safety regulations.

The Alliance also applauded today’s announcement by the Government of Alberta regarding mandatory entry level training for commercial drivers in the province and developing entry requirements for new commercial carriers.

Consequently, CTA today released its Ten Point Action Plan which highlights how government and industry can work together on improving compliance issues like hours of service, distracted driving, sobriety, carrier evaluation programs along with training and technology recommendations.

“The vast majority of trucking companies and truck drivers embrace a culture of compliance by far exceeding minimal safety requirements,”  says CTA president Stephen Laskowski. “However, the events surrounding the Humboldt tragedy have reminded all of us that we need to have a national conversation about raising the bar in dealing with those operators who do not make the proper investments in truck safety and lack the commitment to make improvements. By working with all levels of government to implement this plan on a national basis we can make roads safer by focusing enforcement attention on carriers and drivers who need it most.”

CTA Chair Scott Smith lauded Alberta’s announcement and implored other provinces to follow suit.

“Minister Mason has shown leadership throughout this horrific event, but the directional improvements announced today, along with other items, need to be introduced in all provinces,” said Smith. “We need a national plan. We believe the CTA ten-point plan shows the way. Now is the time.”

Click here for CTA’s 10-Point Action Plan: CTA 10 Point Action Plan Truck Safety_public

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