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CTA Front & Centre for Ground-breaking of Gordie Howe Bridge

The Canadian Trucking Alliance (CTA) was proud to be part of the official Canadian ground-breaking ceremony of the long-awaited Gordie Howe International Bridge.

The event signified the start of full-scale construction of the six-lane, 2.5 km long cable-stay bridge between Windsor and Detroit. Officials expect it to be completed and open to traffic by 2022 or 2023.

“With over 2.6 million trucks a year crossing between Windsor and Detroit, carrying $1.6 million in trade per minute, today’s ceremony paves the way for a brighter trading future under the newly minted USMCA agreement,” said CTA Chair Scott Smith. “Although more details are needed, potential cross-border program modernization under the USMCA agreement can potentially be adapted into new plaza construction – a tremendous benefit toward the future growth of cross border trade.”

The Alliance also participated in the US ceremony earlier this summer.

The addition of the Gordie Howe Bridge, with its modernized infrastructure and processing, will expand trade capacity and connect the border to major expressways, eliminating congestion and delays as trucks no longer have to travel through the City of Windsor to and from North America’s busiest border crossing.

“As the owner of a fleet whose equipment crosses into Michigan each day, my company and our customers welcome the introduction of added capacity into the US. The Gordie Howe Bridge adds extra market security to the supply chain which will undoubtedly bring a positive investment climate for the trucking industry and its customers who depend on efficient ports of entry into the United States,” said Steve Ondejko, chair, Ontario Trucking Association. “Today is a good day for Canadian business.”

OTA and CTA representatives in attendance also thanked Canadian officials for their leadership on this project as the sole financial investor in the Gordie Howe bridge.

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