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CTA Chair Commends Responsible Carriers and Drivers to Kick Off National Trucking Week

Across Canada, respect for the trucking industry and professional truck drivers has continued to grow by leaps and bounds over the last few years. Now, as national Trucking Week (Sept. 3-9) begins, the industry, politicians and the public can express their appreciation to the hard-working women and men who ensure store shelves remain stocked, and we all have the critical products, food items and medicine we need to be safe and secure.

“Truck drivers have always been our industry’s most important resource,” said Canadian Trucking Alliance chair Greg Munden. “Like the saying goes, ‘if you got it, a truck brought it.’ I am asking the industry, politicians and the public to recognize all the women and men who drive truck and have stepped up to make sure we have the goods and supplies we need to keep Canada’s economy moving.”

“As a society we enjoy an unparalleled level of security and certainty because of the sophistication and reliability of our modern supply chain, which is held together by professional truck drivers. Whether it’s delivering vital supplies during Covid, or stepping up to help Canadians in need during crises like fires or floods, professional truck drivers always answer the call.”

National Trucking Week was started by the Canadian Trucking Alliance in the late 1990s as a way to embrace the industry and spotlight the contributions of the hundreds of thousands of men and women of the Canadian trucking industry who keep the country’s freight moving, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

During NTW, various events will be taking place across the country in which the trucking community comes together to celebrate the industry; recognize those who are the backbone of Canada’s economy and to promote the industry’s dedication to safety and environmental enhancement.

There will be barbecues, picnics, truck show ‘n shines and all kinds of other things happening at company facilities throughout Canada. Community leaders and local politicians are encouraged to attend constituency events. (Contact your local trucking association for carrier events in your area).

Munden added that NTW is an opportunity for companies to showcase the industry and the many opportunities it offers to people embarking on new career paths. He pointed to the landmark CTA Choose to Truck campaign as a tool the industry uses to promote the industry. The campaign – the largest, most successful public relations effort in the industry’s history – is aimed at highlighting the opportunities and innovations throughout the Canadian trucking industry, and to encourage people to consider one of the many exciting career paths that the trucking industry has to offer.

Munden also took the opportunity to mark NTW by urging his compatriots in the trucking industry to make their voices heard to government and decision makers about raising the bar on important issues, such as Driver Inc, a labour abuse and tax avoidance scheme, used by unscrupulous carriers to operate in the underground economy.

“Now, more than ever, it’s important to support responsible trucking companies – those who choose compliance over cheating; the rights of workers over labour abuse; and paying their fair share over skirting corporate and civic responsibilities.”

“Let us celebrate the companies and hard-working professional truck drivers who are the true backbone of the economy, which so many Canadians rely on.”

To help industry and the public celebrate the occasion, CTA has developed several social media banners for sharing. Download your own copies of the graphic messages for free here. When you post and share these messages, these images or any other original images/videos of individual carrier events, please tag @CanTruck (X – formerly Twitter) and @cta_cantruck (Instagram). Also, consider using any of the following hashtags #thankatrucker, #NTW23, #truckingweek2023, #choosetotruck.


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