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BC Campaign Urges Car Drivers to Mind Trucks on the Road

BC launched a campaign today to help reduce collisions on provincial highways and urges car drivers to be aware of sharing the road with larger trucks.

The “Be Truck Aware” campaign coincides with Operation Safe Driver Week, a continent-wide initiative where police and Commercial Vehicle Safety Enforcement (CVSE) officers ticket drivers of both trucks and passenger vehicles for failing to share the road and follow safe driving practices.

“Safety is a top priority for the trucking industry and our members,” said Louise Yako, president and CEO of the B.C. Trucking Association (BCTA). “Every day, the vast majority of professional truck drivers deliver their loads without mishaps. The driving public can do their part by respecting the safety rules around operating near large trucks so that everyone gets home safely.”

Be Truck Aware aims to educate and enforce to help reduce these car-truck collisions by urging drivers to leave space, don’t merge too soon, be visible around trucks, and anticipate trucks making wide turns.

Subsequently, truck drivers are encouraged to ensure brakes and tires are in top condition, adjust speed and driving in poor conditions, stay sharp and focused with plenty of rest, and make sure loads are well-balanced and secure.

“Collisions involving large trucks are one of the top three causes of injury claims and claims costs in the trucking industry,” said Mark Donnelly, executive director of SafetyDriven. “It is important we remember that safe driving by all drivers is a shared responsibility on our roads.”

The campaign runs from Oct. 17-31 and is a collaborative effort between the BCTA, SafetyDriven, RoadSafetyBC, ICBC, WorkSafeBC, the Justice Institute of B.C., RCMP, CVSE, and Teamsters Local 31, and is part of B.C.’s Road Safety Strategy.

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