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Trucking Answers the Bell for Charitable Food Transportation Drive

The first-ever charity initiative organized jointly by Trucks for Change, the Canadian Trucking Alliance’s Blue Ribbon Task Force, and Food Banks Canada kicked-off this week as the first few of two dozen CTA-member carriers began hauling food for needy children.  

After Food Bell is an annual multifaceted program organized by Food Banks Canada that focuses on addressing immediate needs of children experiencing hunger while building lifelong skills in nutritional literacy. The program serves to provide nutritional “summer packs” to children who typically rely on school breakfast and lunch programs during the school year. ATB helps to ensure that children experiencing food insecurity continue to receive nutritious food after the last bell rings in June.

“Volunteer trucking companies play a significant role in making the program move – literally – by transporting charitable loads throughout Canada. Considering all the challenges Canadians have faced throughout the last year, our involvement in this program couldn’t have come at a better time and I’m proud of how the trucking industry always steps up to the plate,” said Scott Smith, chair of T4C and president of JD Smith & Sons. “We have such a great partner in Food Banks Canada, and we look forward to continuing to work with them in the future.” 

The first pallets began moving this week from Brampton, Ont. to La Pocatière and Mont-Joli. Overall, 25 different carriers have committed to moving 51 shipments made up of 65,000 ATB food packs throughout the summer at no charge.

Deliveries to local foodbanks originating from Calgary AB and Prince George BC will start to be delivered next week while most shipments to 21 foodbanks throughout Ontario will begin in June. 

Meanwhile, CTA is encouraging all carriers who take part in the program to document and share stories/images/video of their efforts and upload them to social media or send to CTA directly. At the end of the campaign, CTA will promote these efforts through its own social media channels. Click here for more info on how to document and share stories of charitable involvement: after the bell social media_public

“With the trucking industry well-positioned to sustain the positive image it has gained as a result of its efforts delivering critical supplies during the COVID-19 pandemic, carriers have now expanded their focus on supporting Canadians in need,” said Doug Sutherland, chair of CTA’s Blue Ribbon Task Force on the Driver Shortage and president of Sutco Transportation Specialists. “Our industry was so overwhelmed by all the kind words and encouragement truck drivers, specifically, have been showered with over the last year, that it feels good knowing our industry always stands ready to give back.”  

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