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NAFTA Freight Value Increases for Ninth Straight Month

The value of U.S.-Canada freight flows increased by 5.6% to $44.8 billion from July 2016 to July 2017, as the value of freight on four major modes increased.

The value of freight carried on vessel increased by 29.7%, pipeline by 26.7%, rail by 4.7%, and truck by 2.5%. Air decreased by 1.3%.

Trucks carried 57.9% of the value of the freight to and from Canada. Rail carried 15.6% followed by pipeline, 10.6%; air, 4.6%; and vessel, 4.5%. The surface transportation modes of truck, rail and pipeline carried 84.1% of the value of total U.S.-Canada freight flows.

Overall, the 6.5% overall rise in NAFTA trade from July 2016 is the ninth consecutive month in which the year-over-year value increased from the same month of the previous year.

Trucks carried 63.2% of U.S.-NAFTA freight and continued to be the most utilized mode for moving goods to and from both U.S.-NAFTA partners. They accounted for $28.9 billion of the $47.6 billion of imports, or 60.7%, and $27.5 billion of the $41.6 billion of exports, or 66.2%.

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