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Inspectors to Collect Rear Impact Guard Data

Roadside inspectors will collecting data on rear impact guards during routine commercial vehicle inspections in late August as part of the  Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance initiative called Rear Impact Guard Check .

The enforcement initiative is a one-time, one-day event in which states will choose one day during the week of Aug. 27-31 to collect the data. CVSA says it will collect data on rear impact guards using Level I, II, IV or V inspections.

“It’s important to note that inspectors will be conducting business as usual and will not be doing anything differently during Rear Impact Guard Check, other than filling out a data collection form that they’ll submit to CVSA,” added Capt. Turner. “Drivers and motor carriers should not be impacted by this initiative.”

The data collection was prompted by a US bill, Stop Underrides Act of 2017, which is intended to protect car occupants in crashes where the car goes under the trailer.

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